Privacy Policy


The protection of your personal data is very important to us.

Our Company named “INTERASCO SOCIETE ANONYME GENERAL INSURANCE” and the distinctive title “INTERASCO S.A.G.I” with headquarters in Chalandri, Attica, Georgiou 44 & Kalvou Street, to which this site (the website) belongs to, is committed to respect your privacy and ensure the proper use and operations of its security systems, in order to protect your personal data under the capacity of personal data controller.

This Privacy Policy and the included Personal Data Protection Statement concern the user of our website (the user) who enters his/her data online to the website, either by registering via the e-platform “My Interasco” in order to access our e-services, either by completing the electronic contact form in order for us to communicate with him/her.

The collection and processing of the data you enter for the above mentioned reasons are executed by the Company in a reliable and transparent manner. The purpose of this Privacy Policy and of the included Personal Data Protection Statement is to inform you regarding the kind of the personal data the Company collects from you via our website, the way of processing (collection, storage, use, transmission) and the protection method of your personal data, as well as your rights with regard to this processing.

Your privacy is important to us, so please read carefully the following:

  • What information we collect in relation to you and how you use it
  • What is the legal basis for the processing of your information on our part
  • How we share the information we collect
  • How we store and ensure the safety of the information we collect and for how long we retain it
  • What are your rights and how you can access and check your information
  • How we transfer the information we collect internationally
  • How we keep your information safe
  • How you can protect your children´s information and age restrictions
  • Cookies
  • Contact with our Company
  • Who is the Data Protection Officer of our Company
  • Hellenic Data Protection Authority

What information we collect regarding you and how you use it

We collect information about you when you provide it and especially when you use our services, via entering them in the respective e-platform of our site, where you fill in the following minimum necessary data:

  • 1st case: My Interasco – customers’ accessà You enter in the form your name, last name, contact number (mobile), date of birth, gender, username (your e-mail) and password and you choose if you wish to register also in our Loyalty Program,
  • 2nd case: Contact Formà You enter your name, last name, e-mail, subject and the text of your message
    In both cases you are asked to choose whether you agree to receive newsletters of our Company regarding promotions of our products and services.

The above specific personal data (name, last name, phone number, e-mail, date of birth, gender) is necessary, where relevant, in order to a) contact you and answer to your questions, b) identify you and provide digitally information regarding your policies and our transactional relationship, c) identify and prevent illegal actions.

Communication History

We use your communication history, in order to provide customer services and support.

IP Address

IP Addresses, system configuration data and other information regarding our website’s traffic are collected and used for operating and keeping our services safe, in full and good operation. For example, the data recorded can help us detect new threats, identify malicious third parties and provide more strong security protection to our customers.

Social Media

The website allows users to connect with third party services such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and other similar social media providers.  When the user shares information in the aforementioned third party services, the specific information are no longer under Interasco’s control and are subject to the terms of use and privacy policy of these third parties.

What is the legal basis for the processing of data?

We collect the personal data you share with us based on one or more of the following legal bases:

  • as required by the terms of use of our webpage and for the fulfillment of requests you address to us via our webpage
    according to your consent, which you provide to us by choosing the respective field where applicable and can withdraw at any time based on your rights, as listed in detail further below
  • as required in order for us to comply with our legal obligations
  • as required for the purposes of our legal interests (or the legal interests of third parties), including our interests for the provision of services to our users and partners, unless your interest or fundamental rights or fundamental freedoms dictating the protection of personal data override these rights.

Therefore, your personal data are processed legally by our Company, both during the collection and processing phases, according to the applicable provisions regarding the protection of personal data and, in particular, according to the provisions of Law 2472/1997 (incorporation of Directive 95/46/EC) and Law 3471/2006, as applicable, and according to the new European General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 (hereinafter referred to as “GDPR”). When registering to the services provided via, you agree to the storage and use of your personal data in accordance with this Statement.

How we share the information we collect

The information we collect from you is important. We will not exploit nor transmit your information to third parties outside the Company in any way, without your consent, except in the cases mentioned in this Policy. The access to your personal data is only allowed to authorized by us individuals or legal entities- partners (processors), including cooperating banks to the extent necessary to the implementation of electronic payments. These persons are required to have such an access in order to achieve proper services and to satisfy your requests, as well as for the fulfillment of related operational needs of the Company.

Also, your data may need to be transmitted to public authorities or services or to judicial authorities, upon relative notice of the Company based on the law, judicial or regulatory decision. In order to provide our services, we will share your personal data with third companies mandated by us (also as processors), that provide to us hosting and e-mail services, for the purpose of the provision of the best possible service to you (legal professional purpose/business need). These companies can use this information in order to contribute to the provision, understanding and improvement of our services (including the provision of statistics) and their services (including the provision of better and more relevant services to you).

Our Company protects the processing of your personal data by any third party partner (processor) with contractual clauses limiting the purpose of the processing and implementing the technical and organization measures prescribed by the GDPR regarding the proper and safe processing of your personal data. Within this framework, the aforementioned processors are committed to always respect your choices regarding who can have access to your data and provide on their part adequate guarantees regarding personal data protection. Those of the above mentioned with access to your data have the obligation of confidentiality.

The Company does not transmit to third persons, organizations, companies any information regarding its users, for any purpose or need other than the above mentioned.

Advertising messages

Provided you have given us your relevant consent and have checked the relevant field, you may receive from us advertising messages with promotions, with content always relative to the purpose of the Company’s website and your interests.

If you do not wish anymore to receive relevant messages with promotions, you can follow the deletion link included in every e-mail we send you, or contact us via e-mail at [email protected] or by phone at 0030 210 6793100.

How we store and protect the information we collect

We use data hosting providers in order to host the information we collect as well as technical measures to protect your data.

Data retention

The retention time of the information we collect from you depends on the type of information. The information deemed necessary during your registration to our services, such as the name, last name, e-mail, date of birth and gender, are retained for as long as you are an active user (i.e. for as long as you do not request the deletion of your account), in order to provide the service and support of your needs and requests, to monitor and manage our transactional relationship, to promote our products and services depending on your profile, if you have given such consent, as well as for statistical purposes. The information you provided in the contact form in order for us to contact you (name, last name and phone number) are retained until your request is satisfied, as well as for the promotion of products and services , if you have given such consent. Every time we use them, we will be making every possible effort in order for your information to remain safe, having taken all the necessary technical and organizational measures for that purpose.

If deemed necessary in order to comply to legal or regulatory obligations, to resolve dissents or optimize our terms and conditions of use, we may retain some of your data, as required, even after the closure of your account or even if there is no need of provision of services to you anymore.

What are your rights and how you can access and check your information

In any case, you control the processing of your personal data. Especially with the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2016/679 of the European Union, the following rights are acknowledged and ensured:

  • Right to transparent information, communication and settings for the exercise of your rights (Article 12, 13, 14, GDPR), i.e. your right to be informed on how your personal data is used, as described in detail with this Privacy Policy
  • Access right (Article 15, GDPR) to the personal data we have collected from you
  • Right to correction (Article 16, GDPR) of inaccurate personal data we have concerning you
  • Right of deletion (“right to be forgotten” (Article 17, GDPR) of the information we have concerning you, if the personal data are no longer necessary in relation to the purposes for which they were collected
  • Right to restriction of processing of your personal data (Article 18, GDPR)
  • Right to data portability (Article 20, GDPR), e. the right to transmit your data to another service provider
  • Right to object (Article 21 GDPR) to processing of your personal data
  • Right of withdrawal of already given consent (Article 7, GDPR), e. the right to withdraw your consent any time, regarding processing performed based on the consent. The withdrawal of consent shall not affect the lawfulness of processing based on consent before its withdrawal
  • The right to lodge a complaint to the competent supervisory authority, Hellenic Data Protection Authority (Kifissias Avenue 1-3, Athens, Zip Code 115 23, +30 210 6475600, [email protected])

How we transfer the information we collect internationally

The Company does not transmit your data collected via the website to third countries. Though, if it is necessary to transfer some of your personal data outside the EEA, appropriate safeguards are provided according to the provisions of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 and your data will continue to be protected by agreements with organizations outside the EEA in a form approved by the European Commission, upon relevant notice to you.

How we keep your information safe

We use the necessary technical and organizational measures based on the GDPR in order to ensure that your personal data is safe throughout their processing and we are constantly making every possible effort to ensure their safe retention.

In particular, we make every possible effort to fully respect the protection level of information and to comply with suggested technical measures, such us encryption, pseudonymization, anonymization and minimization of data throughout the processing of data.

Finally, in our interactive webpages (My Interasco, Customers Contact Form) we implement a safe communication protocol SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) with strong encryption of 256 bit, that ensures the privacy and inviolability of your personal data.

Interasco is in constant harmonization and compliance with the terms of the General Regulation (EU) 2016/679 for the protection of natural persons against the processing of personal data and for the free flow of data and is constantly making every possible effort to comply with the Regulation.

How you can protect your children´s information and age restrictions

It is our policy not to collect or retain, to our knowledge, data concerning any person under the age of 16, if it is not necessary in the context of a transactional relationship. In such a case, we obtain the consent of the legal guardians. Otherwise, we take every necessary action to delete this data. If you become aware that a minor under the age of 16 has provided us with personal information, please contact us. In no case we deliver advertisements based on interests to children.


Our Company uses  the following cookies technology

Google Analytics Cookies

They are used for data collection for statistical purposes, such as the way the website is used and its improvement in order to make it more user friendly. These cookies collect additional data such as technical characteristics, the browser and device used by users, the page from which they were directed to, the pages they visit, the time of the visit and the time period of their visit.

Cloudflare Cookie

They are used to incorporate security features on the website.

WPML – Multilingual plugin

This technology uses cookies to specify the preferred language of the user, as the website is multilingual.

Exercise of user rights – Personal Data Protection Officer

If you wish to exercise your rights or to be informed about the processing of your personal data, please communicate in written with the Company and the Data Protection Officer, by sending an e-mail at [email protected] or fax at +30 210 6776281 or by mail to our offices at Vas. Georgiou 44 & Kalvou Street, Chalandri, Attica, P.C. 15233

The Company reserves the right, upon reviewing the relevant request, to proceed within a period of time of one month or more, in case of justified delay, to the satisfaction of the request, provided it is legal and merit. Before providing any personal data, we may ask you to prove your identity, as well as adequate information concerning your transactions with us, from which we can detect your personal data.

If you choose to unsubscribe from a service or communication, we will try to delete your data as soon as possible, although we may need some time and/or information in order to be able to process your request. The Company reserves its rights to retain your personal data in cases of legal obligation, exercise of legal claims or fulfillment of contractual obligations.

The Company reserves unilaterally the right to update, amend or revise this Policy and the terms of use of its website, without prior notice of the user, in order to improve its services and to comply with the provisions of the applicable laws (national and of the Community) regarding the protection of personal data. To that end, please review this Privacy Policy and the Personal Data Protection Statement regularly, in order to get informed on any changes.

Useful Contact Numbers:

Contact details of Controller

Vas. Georgiou 44 & Kalvou Street, Chalandri, Attica, 15233

Contact Details of Data Protection Officer (DPO):

Georgiou 44 & Kalvou Street, Chalandri, Attica, 15233

Contact Details of the Hellenic Data Protection Authority

Kifissias Avenue 1-3, Zip Code 115 23, Athens